Digital Marketing Services

An All-Inclusive Approach to Getting your Business Found Online

The 4 Essential Pillars of Building your Online Presence

A comprehensive approach is what gets your business found online by potential clients.

Over 90% of local consumers find businesses online. If your business does not have a strong web presence, along with a great online reputation, you are losing new clients to the competition. EPDM can help. We’ve been in the digital marketing game for over a decade, and have helped clients from coast to coast expand their Internet footprint and reap the financial rewards accordingly.

We’d be happy to provide a complimentary assessment of where your business is seen on the web and include specific strategies to help get you noticed dramatically more throughout cyberspace. Our fully-encompassing digital marketing services plan has been created to help your practice thrive.



Our Digital Marketing Services have been strategically developed to help direct the search engines like Google to make it much easier for potential clients to find your practice over the competition. It includes a powerful combination of the 4 pillars of Digital Marketing – Web Design, SEO, Social Media Marketing, and Online Reputation. BTW… we have no long-term contracts. If after a few months you no longer find value in what we provide, feel free to cancel anytime (with a 30-day notice). We simply don’t need 12 or 24-month contracts to keep our customers. We’ve learned that providing great value and results will do that for us.

Even though our business spans across the US, we pride ourselves in offering a “local” service to each customer. We are just a quick phone call away, and you will speak directly to one of the owners.

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It all starts with a credible and optimized website. Whether we improve your current site or design a new, fresh website for you, featuring a professional website is an absolute must for your business. Consider it your anchor on the Web to which most all roads travel.

EPM’s pro website designs are not only functional, they are also stunningly amazing. Our value-priced websites follow our code of a simple, yet elegant layout, design, and flow. Smart calls-to-action are also included in each site, along with a plethora of other important web design elements that become a magnet for new customers:

    • Optimized for Search Engines
    • Pro Hosting & Management
    • Conveys your Messaging
    • Mobile-Responsive
    • HD Imagery
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Local SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is critically important to getting your business found online, With so many people searching for local businesses on the Internet these days, it’s more imperative than ever to have a strong and focused presence online. A strong, local SEO strategy is an important tool to help ensure that your clients easily find you when they are searching for your serves on the Web.

Creating a strong online footprint takes time, and it’s critical that local companies create, sustain, and add to their local web presence over time. This allows Google to continuously index their content. Our SEO platform is second to none and includes our proprietary program that includes:

    • Key local profiles that are optimized for your main services
    • Monthly targeted profiles with backlinks to your website
    • Monthly social signal (different than social “signals”, and hot for SEO)
    • Google My Business listing optimization or creation
    • Monthly GMB posts – optimized for Search Engines
    • Monthly Analytics and Keyword Rankings reports
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The fastest-growing demographic on social media is adults over the age of 40. With most people checking their phones several times a day, whether, on Facebook or Twitter, social media has become the biggest branding tool in a company’s marketing toolbox. Managing your social media the right way can provide tremendous reach for new, potential clients. Isn’t it time that your company got with the social program? 

EPM can help! Building your company’s message via social media can be tricky. There are specific and proven strategies that we incorporate to help build your reach and your local branding using the vast power of social media, including:

    • Multiple Engaging Posts each month
    • Properly Hash-Tagged for SEO
    • Industry-Relevant Content
    • Mico-Target Facebook Ad Campaign
    • Lead-Generation Content & Facebook Ads
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Reputation Matters – period. A business needs lots of positive reviews online to be credible for any potential customer. While maintaining a positive online reputation can help fuel more business big-time, a poorly-rated business can stop the flow of new customers in its tracks.

Consider online reviews as the new word of mouth regarding customer satisfaction for a given business. However, instead of reaching just a few family members and friends pre-Internet era, online reviews can now easily influence thousands of potential customers within your market. Whether good or bad, your reputation can make or break the success of your company.

That’s where EPM comes in. We have unique software that helps us to actively seek new online reviews from the two biggest sites – Google and Facebook. However, our program can help filter out bad reviews to allow us to respond and address a disgruntled customer’s experience, while we auto-post your positive reviews. So, just sit back, and watch your online reviews increase both in volume and in quality.

    • Positive, 5-star online reviews drive more clients
    • Safeguards and manages negative reviews
    • Helps customers buy with more confidence



Contact Estate Planners Marketing to set up a courtesy assessment of how your company is showing up online. We'll come back with specific strategies on how we can best expand your local Web presence - with zero tricks and zero obligation.